Taking astrology back to its essence.

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Hi, I’m Rob Bailey! I’m an astrologer from Canberra, Australia.

Astrology is one of the last remaining spiritual practices in the modern world with truly ancient roots. Astrology centres us, grants us self-knowledge, and helps us contextualise our lives within broader cycles of time. I am excited to help enliven and enrich your life with the wisdom of traditional astrology!



I plan to offer a range of astrology services, including horary astrology, birth chart readings, and electional astrology. At present my focus is on horary astrology.

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My blog.

The Old-School Astrology Blog is my soapbox for discussing the history, philosophy and practice of astrology, plus case studies, research projects and bad jokes.

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What are your qualifications? What house system do you use? What zodiac do you use? Do you believe in fate? How does astrology work? What’s your refund policy? And more!

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My practice.

I have studied Medieval and Renaissance astrology for over 10 years, and I hold a Practitioner’s Diploma from the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

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