Terms & Conditions.


General terms and conditions

Astrology is imprecise

By purchasing an astrological service from me, you acknowledge that astrology is imprecise and at times inaccurate.


The information that I provide to you in a horary reading or birth chart consultation is presented as a guide only, and should not replace advice from medical professionals, financial advisors, legal advisors, or other experts.

Privacy and confidentiality

All information that you provide to me will be kept strictly confidential. I will never share your contact information or identity with any third party.

At times I use anonymous example charts for the purposes of teaching or lecturing - but I will never use your chart as an example unless I have your express permission to do so.


Under the Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to a refund if my services:

  • were not provided with acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge;

  • were not fit for the purpose or did not give the results that you and I had agreed to; or

  • were not delivered within a reasonable time.

The difficulty with refunds is that I strongly believe a reasonable consumer would be aware that astrology is imprecise and at times inaccurate.

Therefore, I would be unlikely to give a refund just because I got the answer wrong to a horary question, unless you can show me that the reason why I got it wrong was due to a lack of “acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge.”


Terms and conditions
- natal astrology

Missed or cancelled APPOINTMENTs

Any fees paid for natal readings that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are not eligible for a refund.


Natal astrology requires an hour or two of preparation before the reading begins. For this reason, I require payment up-front, at the time a booking is made.


If I have to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I will let you know as soon as possible. I will offer you the option to reschedule the appointment for a later date, or if you prefer I can provide you with a full refund.