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All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Horary questions.

$50 AUD

Ask a question, get an answer. Horary is the art of answering questions using astrology. It’s simple - you send me a question (almost any question) and I cast a horoscope or “chart” for the time when I understand it. By analysing the chart according to a set of strict traditional rules, I can see the dynamics at play and give you an answer to the question.

For only $50 AUD you get a 2-3 page written response to your question, and the opportunity to discuss the answer with me by email or video conference.

I aim to respond to all horary questions within 5 days.

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Astrology can be used to find auspicious (i.e. fortunate or lucky) dates and times to begin important events or ventures. By looking at future planetary alignments with reference to your birth chart, I can choose (or “elect”) the ideal date for your upcoming event by choosing a time when the planets that govern that area of your life are strong and influential!

For your money you get a 3-page write up outlining the reasons why I chose the elected time, along with a horoscope of the election and suggestions for how to make use of it.

Natal readings.


The birth chart is cast for the time and place that you were born (your “nativity”); that chart is then supposed to tell us all sorts of things about you and the things that will happen to you in your life. Using the techniques of ancient and medieval astrology we can work together to unpack your birth chart and see what information it holds for you.

For your money you will get a 75 minute consultation where we will go over your birth chart together, exploring how well it describes your personality, experiences, and life events.