Horary question

Horary question


Horary is the art of using astrology to answer short, specific questions.

To buy a horary reading, just hit the Purchase button below, fill out the horary form with your question and other details, and pay the fee. I’ll receive your question by email, and if it makes sense to me I will cast a horoscope for that exact moment. If it doesn’t make sense I’ll contact you for clarification before casting the chart. Then I will analyse the chart using a set of traditional techniques to find the answer.

For your money you will get a short 2-3 page written response to your question, which I will send to you as a PDF file. You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss the answer with me via email, or via ZOOM video conference.

I aim to respond to all horary questions within 5 days.

* Please read both the horary astrology page» and my terms and conditions» before purchasing a horary question.


Astrology is inherently imprecise, and at times leads astrologers to make inaccurate statements or predictions. So before you ask a question, I want you to understand that there is a real possibility that my answer could turn out to be incorrect. I will not be held responsible for any subsequent actions you take as a result of my judgement.

I refuse to answer questions about medical conditions, death, or crimes of any sort.

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