Horary astrology.

Horary is the art of using astrology to answer specific questions. It’s an old form of astrology; the earliest known texts on the subject date from around 800 CE. In principle horary is very simple: we cast a horoscope for the moment someone asks a question, and then analyse the chart to get an answer.


“A Dogge missing, where?” An example horary chart from William Lilly’s Christian Astrology (1647)


A question is put to an astrologer, for example, “Where is my lost dog?”

The astrologer then casts a horoscope or “chart” for the time and location when they received and understood the question. By analysing the chart, the astrologer can determine the answer to the question.

Following our example, the astrologer could use the chart to determine the direction the dog has run off to, the distance from the client, and a description of its location - “Fido is north east from your location, not far, near a place that is fiery such as a kitchen, kiln, or foundry.”

Here's some examples of real questions I’ve answered for clients using horary astrology:

  • I just met this guy, where is the relationship going?

  • Is he my soulmate?

  • Should I sell my business?

  • Will I get the job?

  • Where are my lost keys?

  • Can I trust what this person is telling me?

  • Should I stay here, or should I move to Queensland?

How to Ask a question.

Step 1. Decide the question that you want to ask.

If you have several questions that are important to you, ask the most important one first and then wait until you get my response before asking another.

Step 2. Sleep on it!

Unless your question is urgent, don’t ask right away - hold the question in your heart for a day first. This gives you time to reflect on the question and make sure you really want to know the answer.

Step 3. Purchase a horary reading.

Click the Ask A Horary Question button below, and then fill out the form with your contact details, the question you want to ask, and any background information you can provide. After that, you can make payment by credit card.

An astrologer casts a horoscope for a client - from Robert Fludd’s Utriusque Cosmi Historia (1617)

A servant asks a horary question on behalf of his master - from Robert Fludd’s Opera (1635).


Once you’ve paid I’ll contact you by email to discuss next steps.

If your question makes sense I can cast the chart and get started right away! If I need to clarify what you’re asking we’ll have to sort that out first before I cast the chart.

I may need your help to get to the answer; for example, the chart might indicate a few possibilities and I will need you to narrow it down. If that’s the case I will contact you and ask for the extra background detail I need to figure it out. It can occasionally take several emails back and forth before we get to the bottom of what the chart is showing me.

Note: I cast the chart for the time when I understand your question, and for the location I happen to be at that time.

What you get.

In response to your question I will send you a short 2-3 page PDF file containing the following:

  • The chart of the question

  • A list of the relevant astrological factors

  • My analysis of those factors and the answer to your question

Here’s an example response to a real horary question »

Once you receive my response, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the answer with me via email, or alternatively we can arrange a time for a brief 30 minute discussion via ZOOM video conferencing.

I aim to answer all horary questions within 5 days.

“Where are my car keys?” - a real horary question from one of my casebooks.



  • Only ask one question at a time!

  • Keep the question short and simple - a single sentence with a question mark is perfect.

  • Yes or No questions produce the clearest answers.

  • Complicated questions get complicated answers.

  • Provide as much background details as you can! The more context, the better.

  • One thing horary can’t do very well is compare two or more options. So if there are two potential partners in your life, or two jobs you’re going for, you’ll have to ask about them one at a time.

  • Finally, and most importantly – it’s quite possible that the answer to your question is “No.” So don’t ask a horary question unless you’re prepared for a negative answer. If the chart shows a negative answer, I will break the bad news to you gently.

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